Nebraska Ataxia provides financial assistance through grants to improve the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with Ataxia and/or their care partners. Individuals requesting funding must meet grant eligibility requirements and reside in Nebraska Ataxia’s service area of Nebraska or Iowa.

Funds requested from Nebraska Ataxia are not guaranteed. All applications are verified and then reviewed bimonthly (every other month) by Nebraska Ataxia’s Board of Directors. If approved, requested funds may not be granted in their entirety. Nebraska Ataxia reserves the right to fund a grant in any amount regardless of the amount requested. Fund availability is dependent upon capital raised by Nebraska Ataxia, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.

Nebraska Ataxia does not provide funds directly to individuals/applicant, but to the business or person providing services. Nebraska Ataxia does not reimburse individuals for expenses already incurred. All application requests must be filled out, submitted, and approved prior to any purchase or payment being made. If approved, Nebraska Ataxia will pay the service provider directly. If funds are allocated for ADA modifications, Nebraska Ataxia must receive a copy of the contract with the provider before said provider is paid. Depending upon the contract, some funds may be paid only upon completion of project milestones.

For grants approved for durable medical appliances and equipment, such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, recumbent bicycles, etc., we ask that when the item is no longer needed, you donate that item to the Re-Use Network or the Assistive Technology Partnership. By donating, it can benefit someone who also has a need for the item. There is information on our website under “Resources” about these two networks.


Each applicant must be an individual diagnosed with ataxia, as verified by a health care provider. The recipient must reside in our service area and the grant request must align with one of the Nebraska Ataxia’s application categories. The applicant must also be prepared to include required documentation, which consists of a prescription or written recommendation for the services or equipment and a copy of the invoice or bid for services.

The following Grant Categories include:

  •  Construction
  •  Durable Medical Equipment/Repairs of Equipment
  •  Home Services
  •  Medical/Respite Care/Dental
  •  Therapy (Physical Health or Mental Health)
  •  Travel related to Ataxia diagnosis
  •  Quality of Life

Questions or Grant Application Assistance: Please contact Executive Director, Theresa Nelson at or 402.979.6331

The Grant Application and all supporting documentation can be sent to one of the following addresses:


Nebraska Ataxia
Attn: Grant Requests
P.O. Box 24214
Omaha, NE 68124

Subject: Grant Request Additional Information

By accepting a grant provided to you by Nebraska Ataxia you agree to allow Nebraska Ataxia to use the applicants name, story, and likeness to help promote Nebraska Ataxia and its services. Nebraska Ataxia, Inc. is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Tax ID #81-2926708.

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