Nebraska Ataxia provides financial assistance for items and services that may not be covered by health insurance, such as mobility aids, physical and mental therapies, and ADA-related home modifications. Our programs and partnerships focus on improving the quality of life for ataxians in our service area of Nebraska and Iowa.


Each applicant must be an individual diagnosed with ataxia as verified by a health care provider. The recipient must reside in our service area and the grant request must align with one of the four Nebraska Ataxia programs:

  • Equipment
  • Therapy
  • ADA modifications
  • Ataxia-related travel


  1. Submit grant application. Only applications with ALL questions answered will be reviewed.
  2. Please include any supporting documentation with your submission.
  3. Additional information may be requested.

Submit your application in one of three ways:

  • Apply online.
  • Email your application and any documentation with the subject Grant Application Submission to:
  • Mail it to Nebraska Ataxia, PO Box 24214, Omaha, NE 68124-0214.

Grant Application

Funds requested from Nebraska Ataxia are not guaranteed. All applications are verified and then reviewed bimonthly by Nebraska Ataxia’s Giving Board. If approved, requested funds may not be granted in their entirety. Monetary assistance is not paid directly to the applicant, but to the business or person providing services. If funds are allocated for ADA modifications, Nebraska Ataxia must receive a copy of the contract with the provider before said provider is paid. Depending upon the contract, some funds may be paid only upon completion of project milestones. Fund availability is dependent upon capital raised by Nebraska Ataxia, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.